Feedback from Parents

We have had the privilege of photographing thousands of preschool children in Brisbane. We take pride in providing exceptional portraits of every child we work with.

Below is just some of the feedback we have received from parents:

"It was such an amazing surprise to have an email sent you with these beautiful professional, trendy pictures in colour & black & white of my child. Every year you get use to the boring kindy/school pictures but to actually have these professional, natural photo's taken - i just absolutely loved it (and of course had to order the lot!) I was just so glad that our daycaregot Sarah to come in and do the photos. I have already approached my daughters primary school regarding Sarah and will definitely get Sarah to do personal family photos. My family (Mum, Dad & Sisters) couldn't believe how good the photos are and thought what a great idea and of course every-one wants copies! Couldn't be happier!"

"Completely different to normal kindy photos, these were professional looking and captured my daughter beautifully."

"Professional to deal with via email, really happy with the photos and the website is professional and easy to use. Whole process works really well. Plus you got my daughter to smile in a photo!"

"I was amazed at your ability to capture such happy candid photos of my little boy. I've never been able to get great photos of him and I will cherish the photos you took forever"

"You did a wonderful job on all the photos - they were not only great individual shots but also amazing shots together hence the reason for getting all the photos."

"Very professional and high quality work. Really impressed. The first photographer I am using in Australia to impress us with the work. Real artist."

"I knew that taking my son photo will be a challenge, but we end up with beautiful photos."

"My husband and I were impressed with how well the photographs of the kids were taken on the day, with minimal disruption to their day. Our daughter also enjoyed being photographed in a relaxed way in the playground and surroundings. The online ordering process was easy and the photos were very high quality."

"I think you did very well and I was very moved watching my children's photos. May be because I am their mum ;-) but not only....because not all photos makes me feel that way, I just loved them"

"Beautiful photos. Liked the selection of posed and natural play shots. Combination of front of the screen and outdoors shots was perfect."

"My daughters photos were some of the best we have had done which is why I bought the prints of all them. It was too hard to pick just a few because we loved them all."

"I absolutely loved the photos taken.... I mostly loved the natural outdoor photos but also really liked the more formal inside photos taken against a back drop."

"We were so thrilled with the photographs we received of our son. The number of photos taken and receiving them all in both colour and black and white were so generous. The different locations for photos made it like a photo shoot and gorgeous and varied expressions captured on our son's face were perfect and made it too hard to choose just one photograph to purchase!"

"The photos captured her playful personality. She can be a little cautious with new people but she must have been relaxed given there were so many great photos."

"You took beautiful, engaged, happy portraits of my son. They grow up so fast, but you managed to capture him completely at this fleeting and gorgeous age."

"The photos were of beautiful quality. So much more than what I expected to receive. You captured my child's personality perfectly. The range of photos you took were amazing. She obviously felt very comfortable as she can be very shy."

"Photos were a lot better from normal kindy photos and were really lovely, we liked them all. You could see a lot more skills went into them!"

"His individual photos were gorgeous. We were very happy with them. In particular having the variety of the shots in the playground as well as the more formal looking ones. They are a perfect depiction of his little personality. Thank you!"

"Exceptional quality and watching you do your thing was magical. Outstanding outstanding outstanding! Recommending you to everyone I know and hope to do business with you again!!"

"All the photos of my child were amazing! I loved them all and found it very hard to choose my favourites. The quality of the photos is impressive and you managed to capture my child's personality perfectly. The outdoor Centre setting is also a lovely touch."

"Managed to get some beautiful pictures of my babies together (which I can never do) and captured them in their natural states (especially the pictures of my son). They were far better than expected and friends who have kids at other daycares are asking why their daycare pics can't look like this!" "The photos of our son were the best we have ever seen taken of him. I'm not sure how you managed it as he is notorious for not wanting his picture taken, but these pictures of him capture his beautiful nature and marvellous smile"

"My husband and I are really happy with the photos - great quality and service. It was an easy system of ordering"

"My son doesn't like getting his photo taken but every single photo we got was beautiful. We couldn't resist getting all of them as digital copies as we didn't want to miss out."

"Sarah, the photos you captured of our son were amazing. From showing off his beautiful long eyelashes to his cheeky grin, we were so happy with the outcome. If we try and take a photo of him he won't look or puts on a grumpy face so to see him happy and smiling (as we see him day to day!) is wonderful."

"We've never had such gorgeous photos of our children and it's a testament to you that you were able to develop a rapport and make it fun for them. We could see it on their faces!"

"They we just gorgeous. So natural and beautiful. They captured the cheeky spirit of my daughter."

"They are so natural and really capture the boys' personality."

"I was totally blown away when I saw the photos. The boys looked so happy and relaxed. The quality of the shots is amazing. You have given us something that we will treasure forever"

"The photographs have so much character and reflect my childrens characters beautifully. I love the black and white touch to the portfolios. Simply adore the sibling photos. Like having a kindy photo and professionally photo shoot in one for a fraction of the price. The only downside was that there were so many gorgeous pictures that I had to buy the lot!"

"I liked how there was a range of photos from posing to just being a kid and not looking at the camera. I think the natural photos of when the children are not paying attention are the best ones :)"

"Instead of what is usually akin to a passport photo, it was amazing to get professional quality kindy photos! It was hard to pick which one to buy as they were all so great and captured his personality perfectly."

"It's rather difficult to get my baby to pull a pretty face when i take photos, she would much rather pull silly ones, you have done such an amazing job with highlighting her beautiful natural smile, thank you!"

"The quality of photography, number and variety of shots. I loved how you captured so many different expressions. The black and white on black background are stunning. I have one as my screen saver and people have said they would put it on their wall as a photo even though they don't know my daughter!"

"You got some amazing photos of my usually shy little boy!! they are all amazing and im in love with them!"

"The photos were so natural, the kids seemed to be allowed to enjoy the photo shoot which is great. I can really see the care and essence of innocence and happy childhood in each photo."

"The photos were gorgeous and captured such beautiful smiles and there was lovely light and background to all photos. We loved the natural look of the photos rather than the usual contrived sitting down in front of a backdrop."

"Very natural photos with lots of different aspects of my child's personality shown in the previews. So many to choose from which was great."

"The natural look of the pics and the way Sarah was with the children was amazing. She was so relaxed and made everyone feel so welcome. Such an amazing photographer and I cant wait to have her back next year! I highly recommend her!"

"The style & quality of the photos far exceeds any kindy photos I have ever come across and we believe the wonderful range of facial expressions in Sarah's photos truly captured the essence of our child. We've experienced a range of other kindy photographers and have been bitterly disappointed time and time again but Sarah builds rapport with every child in order to get brilliant, natural expressions - not a single fake smile to be seen! Thank-you so much for the wonderful photos!"

"I was there when you photographed my son, Sarah and you were exceptional with the kids in getting the shots but I was equally amazed when the results were spectacular photographs! If I had more money - I would order more and paste my walls with them believe me :)"

"You captured our daughters personality, all of it. We were honestly in awe of some if the pics. Will be treasured forever."

"I had never seen my son posing for the camera so naturally and happily. You made me fell in love with your photography."

"The photos really captured our daughters3 year old cheekiness. She was obviously very happy to smile for the camera and so I know she was comfortable and happy. I love the fact that there are some outside photos and some more studio shots as well."

"The photos were unique and genuine, they captured a natural happy look and the personality of the child. They were different from normal school photos that are plain and unemotional."

"You captured our daughters natural smile and facial expressions brilliantly. it was refreshing to have a number of non posed shots too."

"The images really captured our sons innocent, warm, loving smile which we only get to see occasionally when he is in a good mood :)"

"I was thrilled to learn that Sarah would be taking the kindy photos this year! She has taken our family photos for the last few years and always gets amazing results. The photos she took of our youngest were all so beautiful we bought them all! Sarah has a great way with the children to get them to feel comfortable with her and as a result she takes the most gorgeous photos! Thanks once again, Sarah!"

"You captured our beautiful boy so well and so accurately. Our trouble was which one to choose from. You have a great talent, we are very impressed. I especially liked whatever lighting you used, it softened the picture and made it look very natural. All the best!!"

"Often when I have had photos done it takes quite a lot of time and effort for both my children and myself. Then at the end I'm generally loving a couple and the rest are ok. With Sarah it was super quick and easy and there were so many beautiful shots I couldn't pick. Win."

"They weren't posed and all against the same back drop which most others are. They captured my child in her own element without a fake forced smile"

"It's hard for us to get a good photo of our boy especially smiling, but you captured him perfectly."

"Gorgeous sibling photo, such natural yet professional individual photos. The best kindy photos I have ever seen!"